Summer & Late Fall Wardrobe Basics for Men, Pt. 2

Summer’s winding down, but it usually takes a good few months for the weather to really start to cool, especially here in LA. Still, the transition to early fall is more than just about what you wear; it’s also a good time to start transitioning into your next set of seasonally-appropriate palettes. That time of year when late summer slowly blends into early fall is a great time to mix and match different seasonal styles, which is why we’re here to talk about a few more men’s fashion essentials.

Stick with Short Sleeves

Long-sleeved button-downs always have their place, but in those late summer months, the shorter sleeves are always the way to go. Pick the right one (if it’s printed or patterned, make sure it’s not going to dominate the whole room) and pair it with the right set of shorts for an easy way to stay comfortable without looking too casual.

Cuffs for Days

The technique might not actually make a difference when it comes to keeping you cool, but few things communicate that summertime feeling better than the almighty cuff. Cuff your pants. Cuff your shorts. Cuff your shirt. Cuff anything. When you’re cuffing pants, be wary of how much space you’re giving between the bottom of your pant leg and the top of your shoe, and obviously make sure that you’re keeping your folds nice and tight.

Pick the Right Palette

Colors are everything when it comes to what we’re wearing, and when the sun’s out they’re also going to have a bit of an effect on exactly how comfortable you are. Look the part when you’re out in the sun and stay a bit cooler by going with lighter colors and pastels. As the weather starts to get a little more brisk, start working in some darker blues and earth tones.

Color inspiration from David Hart’s Fall 2015 Collection

Color inspiration from David Hart’s Fall 2015 Collection